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A new experience 
of mobility.

The Bio‑Hybrid stands for a new, contemporary form of personal urban mobility and means of transportation. We are committed to delivering a synthesis of functionality, design, technology, driving pleasure and zero emissions. We provide impetus and pave the way to a digitally connected world. 

The two versions, Passenger and Cargo, combine the freedom and agility of a bicycle with the cargo volume and weather protection of a small car. Muscle power and an electric motor are combined in an innovative and eco-friendly propulsion system for the connected city. 

A vision becomes reality.
Schaeffler coined the term “Bio-Hybrid” back in 2016 as a vision for urban mobility of the future.
Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH is making this vision reality and developing the Bio‑Hybrid to market readiness.



Higher road safety compared to bicycles.



Low noise and zero emissions.



Travels also on bikeways*, requires minimal parking space.



Quick-change artist with versatile options.



New form of modern transportation in urban areas.



WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, 4G and App.

* depending on laws and regulations in local markets

News from the Bio‑Hybrid.

Urban mobility


arr_right The e-bike could become a symbol of a mobility transformation

In 2019, the market share of e-bikes in the total bicyle market in Germany grew to 31.5 percent – and counting. A rapid development.

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Reform of the road traffic regulations in Germany


arr_right Reform of the road traffic regulations brings important innovations for cargo bikes

Despite the sharp increase in the number of load wheels, the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) has so far contributed little to the boom. However, this is now to change.

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Green Concept Award


arr_right Bio‑Hybrid wins Green Concept Award

Another accolade for our development and design team: The Bio‑Hybrid is a winner in the 2020 Green Product Award competition! “Cargo” and “Passenger”  — two pieces of the puzzle in making our planet a little greener.

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