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The cargo bike, your business bike

Bio‑Hybrid Cargo-Variante Design

Regardless of whether you’re running a courier or parcel delivery service, a catering outlet, a retail store or a craft business – the Bio‑Hybrid Cargo versions will get your business moving forward. With an open or closed cargo bed, a custom superstructure, a swap container system or whatever’s right for you. Discover the new cargo bike to take you that last mile and beyond.




With an open cargo bed for private use and business. 



With custom superstructures for business, from crafts to landscaping. 



With a closed box with a volume of up to 1,500 liters for business.



With an intelligent swap container system for business.

Flexible delivery service. The Cargo Pick-up.

The Bio‑Hybrid PICK-UP’s large, open cargo bed makes your cargo readily accessible, and larger quantities of items can be loaded quickly. With ease from all three sides.

Now available in the Pioneer Edition!

The Bio‑Hybrid Cargo Pick-Up - the cargo bike with an open load platform for commercial users


You need space for all your work equipment? Your tools need to be safely and systematically stowed and within reach? The Bio‑Hybrid Work is tailored specifically to your daily routines and as robust as you are. With custom superstructures for crafts and landscaping businesses and many others. 

Bio‑Hybrid WORK das Lastenrad mit individuellen Aufbauten für Handwerker und Landschaftspfleger

Modern urban logistics with the Cargo Box.

Equipped with a closed transport box boasting a maximum carrying capacity of 1,500 liters, the Bio‑Hybrid moves your goods straight past the traffic jams in an eco-friendly way. Everything arrives perfectly dry at your destination, whatever the weather. A smart solution for courier, express and parcel delivery services. 

Bio‑Hybrid Cargo Box - the cargo bike with closed transport box for commercial users

Bio‑Hybrid, the quick change artist.

Thanks to its modular design, the Bio‑Hybrid is ready for numerous applications – alongside the Passenger model, there’s the Cargo version, available in a wide range of configurations. Transport goods with the open style pickup version, or in the closed box container. Customized bodies such as a swap container system or coffee bar are also optionally available.


Germany offers a wide variety of purchasing incentives for privately and commercially used cargo bikes. A number of cities, counties and federal states are separately promoting the purchase of (electric) cargo bikes for personal transportation or hauling goods. The best part about it: our Bio‑Hybrid meets the requirements, depending on the program, and therefore qualifies for grants.

Step 1

Obtain information about available grants, for instance at cargobike.jetzt (we assume no liability for the information provided).

Step 2

Send an inquiry for an offer to us at sales@bio-hybrid.de (please include the required information*).

Step 3

We’ll send you a non-binding offer by email and you’ll start your application process.

Step 4

Following approval of your application, you’ll buy your Bio‑Hybrid. The delivery will include the invoice that you’ll use as proof of use and your request for the funds. 

*Information required for an offer:
1. Name of funding/incentive program 2. Desired Bio‑Hybrid version/s 3. First and last name 4. Full address 5. VAT ID No. (for commercial grants) 


Adequate range

Adequate range

A range of up to 100 km for all-day usability.

No parking problems

No parking problems

Requires minimal parking space, so you’ll easily find a place to park. 

Good ergonomics

Good ergonomics

Easy loading and unloading, comfortable seating position, energy-saving propulsion.

Low cost of ownership

Low cost of ownership

No tax or insurance premiums means reduced costs of ownership. 

Urban transport is in flux

Confronted by air pollution and increasing restrictions on access within cities, the logistics industry needs to consider new solutions to conventional commercial delivery vehicles. Electrically assisted cargo bikes, such as the Bio‑Hybrid, offer a logical alternative here.

arr_right More about urban mobility

Range of a city logistics van v cargo bike


85% of firms in Germany travel an average of 70 to 100 km per day with their vans. The Bio‑Hybrid can do that too, without needing a recharge.

Protecting the environment with cargo bikes in commercial transport

Green urban logistics

Between 8 and 23 percent of trips in German commercial transport could be shifted to cargo bikes, bringing positive effects for the environment.

Bio‑Hybrid transport capacity

The Bio‑Hybrid supersedes the van

The Bio‑Hybrid (load capacity: 200 kg) on average carries 27 parcels with a weight of 7.4 kg per shipment. Using micro hubs, a sustainable logistics system can be realized.

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