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Your new e-bike experience. Get on board now!

Bio‑Hybrid Passenger

Become a mobility pioneer and secure one of the first available vehicles! Order your Bio Hybrid DUO now with a 490-euro down payment. The remainder of the purchase price will not be due for payment until we’ve provided you with your delivery date. You can also put your name down for one of our other variants.

Infografik Fakten Reservierung Bio‑Hybrid
Infografik Fakten Reservierung Bio‑Hybrid

You’ll find all DUO details here
Please note: All the vehicles shown are prototypes. 
Technical specifications may differ from the final production vehicles.

Secure the Pioneer Edition of the Bio‑Hybrid DUO!



Order your Pioneer Edition of the DUO and make a 490-euro down payment. We’ll subsequently confirm your purchase.

Step 2

In Q2 of 2021, you can book additional product or service options (such as a second battery or services).

Step 3

In Q3, we´ll launch production & provide you with your delivery date. The payment of the total purchasing price will be due.

Step 4

As soon as your Bio‑Hybrid has been produced it will be delivered and you’ll be among the first to drive the DUO.


  • You’ll be pioneering an all-new type of mobility.
  • You’re going to save EUR 500 on our non-binding retail price.
  • You’re going to secure a Bio‑Hybrid DUO for delivery in 2021.
  • You’re going to receive two years of free access to our extended Navigation Plus and all related features.
  • You’re going to receive advance access to our online shop – expected to be available in the second quarter of 2021 – combined with an opportunity to additionally book accessories and services (subject to charge).
  • You’ll be driving the limited Bio‑Hybrid DUO Pioneer Edition.

You’ll find all benefits in the “Your benefits” rubric. Generally, the rule “first come, first fun” will apply. In 2021, we’re going to deliver our vehicles according to the chronological order of order entries. This means that the earlier you order your Bio‑Hybrid the sooner you’ll become a pioneering member of the Bio‑Hybrid community.

Yes, upon making your down payment, you’ve concluded a purchasing agreement for a Pioneer Edition Bio‑Hybrid DUO. Of course, you’ll have a statutory cancellation right. You’ll find all the pertinent details in our General Terms and Conditions. Receipt of your order and your down payment will be confirmed by email.

The down payment for the Pioneer Edition of the Bio‑Hybrid DUO amounts to EUR 490.00 incl. VAT.

You’ll only have to transfer the full purchasing price two weeks before your delivery date. We expect being able to provide you with your delivery date in the second half of 2021.

Upon making the down payment for the limited Pioneer Edition of your Bio‑Hybrid DUO, we’re going to provide you with contractual confirmation of delivering your Bio‑Hybrid. Receipt of your order and down payment will be confirmed by email. Please make sure to also check your spam folder for inbound email from us. Following receipt and verification of your down payment, we’re going to send your purchasing agreement to you by separate email. We expect being able to provide you with access to our online shop in the second quarter of 2021. After you’ve set up your personal customer account, you’ll be able to add accessory options (such as a second battery) or other services subject to charge.

The Pioneer configuration will already provide you with the full Bio‑Hybrid premium driving experience. Your Bio‑Hybrid DUO comes with a portable battery, a state-of-the-art dashboard, 4G and GPS integration, Navigation Basic, a charger and other features. Additionally, we’ll give you two-year use of Navigation Plus with offline maps, numerous updates, topology-based range calculation and the Draw&Plan Feature with which you can draw your own route on the screen using a finger. As soon as you’ve received your exclusive access to our online shop from us, you’ll also have the opportunity to order additional accessories and selected services subject to charge. The current Technical Data of the Bio‑Hybrid DUO Pioneer Edition can be found here.

At the moment, you can only order the Bio‑Hybrid DUO online. We’re concurrently working on other retail programs and can imagine stationary points of sale at selected locations, for example. Further information will follow.

If you ordered more than two Bio‑Hybrid vehicles, we’d classify you as a business customer. In that case, our sales team would provide consulting support. The application form can be found here.

Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be able to offer test drives of the Pioneer Edition. Start of production is planned for the end of the second quarter 2021. Vehicles for test driving won’t be available to us before then. We’ll let you know as soon as we’ll be able to offer test drives in Germany.

Both visually and technically, your production Bio‑Hybrid DUO will only differ from the prototype – as you know it – in minor details. Our engineers are currently performing final fine-tuning work in order to provide you with a perfect driving experience. To put this in perspective, this concerns the optimization of lighting design or battery removal, for example.

The limited Pioneer Edition of the Bio‑Hybrid DUO will be selling for an introductory price of 9,490 euros including statutory VAT. When placing your order, you’ll have to make a down payment of 490 euros incl. VAT. You can make your down payment here.

You’ll only be able to make a one-time payment for the Pioneer Edition of the Bio‑Hybrid DUO using various means of payment. Financing options will not be available until a later point in time.

As a pedelec, the Bio‑Hybrid is also suitable for business bike leasing agreements. We’re targeting to offer business bike leasing options during the course of 2021. This does not apply to the Pioneer Edition.

In Germany, various purchasing incentives are available for private and commercial cargo bikes. We suggest you inform yourself about available subsidies sorted by federal states as continuously updated for instance on cargobike.jetzt (we assume no warranty for the information posted). For example, the state of Brandenburg is offering an incentive of up to 4,000 euros for resident businesses, municipalities, and clubs/private associations. All information in our blog article.

Other countries across Europe offer purchasing incentives for electric cargo bikes as well, so we suggest you inform yourself about their availability in your country.

The Bio‑Hybrid is a pedelec for which most countries do not require you to have a driver’s license, registration or liability insurance like you do for a car. However, we do recommend that you check the relevant regulations in your country.

We expect the first Bio‑Hybrid DUO vehicles to be produced at the end of the second quarter of 2021, with deliveries starting in August 2021. Unfortunately, we are not able to schedule individual delivery dates at the moment.

You will get your Bio‑Hybrid DUO in the Pioneer Edition delivered to your home for EUR 149 (within Germany).

Following start of production, the Bio‑Hybrid DUO will initially be delivered in Germany. Bio‑Hybrid support will initially be limited to Germany as well. At the moment, orders for the Bio‑Hybrid DUO can only be placed by customers residing in Germany. Other countries will follow shortly, depending on country-specific regulations etc. However, non-binding reservations may also be submitted for all countries at this time. So why not put your name down for a Bio‑Hybrid and let us inform you as soon as pre-orders can be accepted from other countries.

We’re currently planning Germany-wide mobile support. Further details will follow shortly.

You can find the terms and conditions of Bio‑Hybrid GmbH here.




As a private customer, you need more storage space and you are interested in a Bio‑Hybrid as a pickup or with a closed loading container? Then make a reservation now, we will inform you as soon as you can place an order.



You are not from Germany, but want to drive the Bio‑Hybrid as soon as possible? Then make a reservation now, we will let you know as soon as placing orders from other countries are possible.



You want to advance your business with the Bio‑Hybrid? Our sales staff will be happy to advise you individually on the use of a larger number of units in your vehicle fleet.

Note: All vehicles shown on this page represent our current prototypes. They may differ from the final series production vehicles or show special equipment.

Here you’ll find our General Terms and Conditions

Your Bio‑Hybrid, your benefits



Low noise and zero emissions. For the good of our environment.

Driving pleasure

Driving pleasure

Delivering a safe driving experience that is as pleasurable as its looks. 

Electric drive

Electric drive

Electrically assisted. Portable batteries. Charge anywhere.



Compact design. Requires minimal parking space.

Space to live

Space to live

A flexible pedelec fit for the cycle lane and road.* Direct from A to B.



Dedicated app. Integrated navigation system. Digitally interconnected.

Weather protection

Weather protection

The Bio‑Hybrid features a fitted roof. So you won’t be left out in the rain.

Fit for the city

Fit for the city

Designed for the city: compact, agile and comfortable.

* depending on laws and regulations in local markets