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Your all-rounder with an open cargo bed. The PICK-UP.

Bio‑Hybrid Cargo-Variante Design

You’re looking for a canopied e-bike with an open cargo bed? The Bio‑Hybrid PICK-UP is a stylish all-rounder for everyone in need of more haulage space. It’s the ideal cargo bike for everyday use. With great versatility. For eco-conscious companies, cities, clubs or families. The PICK-UP, as individual as your needs. 


The Bio‑Hybrid PICK-UP stands for green mobility and a zest for life. It’s a real space wonder. Perfectly suited for weekly shopping including heavy beverage crates or weekend trips to the countryside with BBQ and lounge chairs. Its possible uses are near-unlimited. So leave your car at home and switch to a bike that has more stowage space than some small cars.


Ausflug ins Grüne mit Grill und Liegestühlen mit dem Bio‑Hybrid Pick-Up


Those who’d like to run their business sustainably, look for appropriate solutions. The Bio‑Hybrid PICK-UP is one of them. Eco-friendly all the way to people’s doorstep. Easy and fast to load thanks to its open cargo bed. No matter what you’d like to haul or deliver – be it food, flowers or club utensils. Without a driver’s license, it’ll quickly take you wherever you’re going – and sometimes even to places where no car can go. 

Schneller und umweltfreundlicher Lieferservice mit dem Bio‑Hybrid Pick-Up

Bio‑Hybrid PICK-UP – the all-rounder

Technical Data: PICK-UP Pioneer Edition

We have not yet finalised the specifications for our series vehicles, so the final data may contain variances. We will also be guided by the statutory framework here.

25 km/h *

Top speed (electr. assisted)

131,5 x 87,5 x 40 cm

Cargo bed inner dimensions L x W x H

approx. 100 km

Range with 2nd battery


Number of motors

Continuous rated power 250 W *
Top speed (electr. assisted) 25 km/h *
Drive-off assistance up to 6 km/h
Number of motors 2
Number of batteries 1 (removable lithium-ion battery)
Number of battery slots 2 (2nd battery optionally orderable)
Battery voltage 48 V
Battery capacity approx. 1.2 kWh 
Range approx. 50 km 
Drivetrain Bio‑Hybrid-Pedelec
Chassis suspended front and rear axle
Brakes hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels  
Recuperation yes
Parking brake yes
Gearshift automatic (4 driving modes)
Reverse gear yes (electric)
Number of wheels/tires 4
Tires 24 inches
Lighting integrated LED light system (front and rear light)
Brake light yes
Turn signal front and rear (incl. hazard warning function)
Side mirrors yes
Bell yes
Loudspeakers yes (integrated in the dashboard)
App connection yes (smartphone/smartwatch, Android, iOS)
Dashboard 5-inch multi-touch display with automatic night mode
Connectivity Wi-Fi/4G/Bluetooth/GPS/NFC
USB charging port yes
Navigation Navigation Plus (2 years included)
Windshield wipers yes (with wipe water function)
Vehicle dimensions (L|W|H)      2910 mm | 882 mm ** | 1560 mm
Cargo bed inner dimensions (L|W|H) 1315 mm | 875 mm (between wheel wells 605 mm) | 400 mm 
Cargo bed superstructure Rails superstructure with rear door and wall set 
Additional superstructures configurable  Yes (can be ordered as an option)
Total permissible weight  max. 400 kg
Curb weight approx. 120 kg ***
Wheelbase 1870 mm
Track width 804 mm
Occupants 1
Charger Bio‑Hybrid charger (mains voltage 230 volts, Schuko plug)
Subject to registration in Germany no
Driving license required in Germany no
Use bike lane in Germany yes

* acc. to national legislation

The max. continuous rated power is limited to 250 W in the European Union. The continuous rated power is the system’s highest net power delivered by the drives within a period of 30 minutes, without the temperature increase exceeding a certain figure. The maximum – short-time – peak power can vary upwards in the case of pedelecs.

** excluding mirrors

*** basic configuration

Secure your Pioneer Edition of the PICK-UP!

360° sophisticated design

Note: All vehicles shown on this page represent our current prototypes. They may differ from the final series production vehicles or show special equipment.