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Technology in motion

Bio‑Hybrid. Designed and engineered in Germany.

The Bio‑Hybrid is a completely new developed vehicle based on a whole lot of engineering know-how. Designed and engineered in Germany. To the highest standards of quality. Made to measure. Nothing off the shelf.

The technology inside the Bio‑Hybrid

Bio‑Hybrid's portable battery system


Portable lithium-ion battery system. Easy to charge through a household plug. A 2nd battery can be optionally included to double the range.

The Bio‑Hybrid pedelec drive train

Drive system

Bio-Hybrid’s specially developed pedelec drive system with a power recuperation function creates remarkable thrust. Variable adjustment for user’s individual drive requirements.

Bio‑Hybrid tires


All-year tires developed specifically for the Bio‑Hybrid, with optimized grip performance and a great deal of technology for superlative puncture protection.

Bio‑Hybrid brakes


Hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels. Additonal parking brake on rear axle.

Bio‑Hybrid lighting concept

Lighting concept

Intelligent LED lighting system with low beam and daytime running light. Front and rear indicators, with braking lights.

Bio‑Hybrid chassis


There’s nothing that can shake the Bio‑Hybrid. Suspended wheel system with spring shock absorbers on front and rear axles. McPherson struts on the front axle.

Bio‑Hybrid weather protection

Weather protection

Hard shell bodywork and roof unit for effective weather protection. Wipers on front windshield.

Smart operating concept

Operating the Bio‑Hybrid is smart and simple. An innovative operating concept incorporating Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and 4G functionality means maximum driving pleasure and superlative safety for the user. There’s an integrated navigation system so you can avoid every jam, and arrive at your destination right on time. Additional functions can also be used via the app installed on a smartphone or smartwatch.

The Bio‑Hybrid's smart operating concept

The Bio‑Hybrid app

Linked via the integrated dashboard, the intuitive app for smartwatch and smartphone keeps you connected with your Bio‑Hybrid all the time and everywhere. Whether it be the vehicle status, service or trips completed – you’ll always have your Bio‑Hybrid with you. In realtime. At every location.

Safety is the priority. GPS tracking means you’ll always know where your Bio‑Hybrid is located. Attempted theft? No problem. You’ll receive a notification and you can immediately determine the current location of the vehicle. 
You can also use the app to receive tutorials, current notifications and as a direct line to us and the Bio‑Hybrid Community. Lets go!

The Bio‑Hybrid for smartphone and smartwatch

Packed with smart technology