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A bike, but more than a bike

The electric bike of the future - the Bio‑Hybrid Passenger

You’d like to discover a new way of getting from A to B? In a less polluting, smarter way. Making for a better quality of life and more freedom. It sounds like the Bio‑Hybrid could be right up your street. Why? Because it’s a pedelec that combines power derived from two different worlds: the bike and the car.

Technology meets design

The Bio‑Hybrid is a clever combination of bicycle and car. Designed in Germany. From the portable battery to the contemporary user concept. A vehicle that connects with the digital world of its city. Its powerful electric drive will take you effortlessly to your destination – and with total confidence in the safety of having a roof and four wheels.

Bio‑Hybrid front detail

The best of two worlds

The Bio‑Hybrid combines the freedom and agility of a bike with the driving stability and weather protection afforded by a compact car. Human power and electric motor are conjoined in an innovative and eco-friendly drive system designed for the city environment.

Combination of bike and car: the Bio‑Hybrid pedelec
Canopy Compact
Weather protection Eco-friendly
Four wheels for driving stability Quiet
E-motor assistance Low purchasing and ownership costs
Convenient luggage transportation No driver’s license *, no registration required

* depending on laws and regulations in local markets 

Why the Bio‑Hybrid?

Parcel couriers can give the traffic jams a wide pass by taking the cycle lane, food delivery services are spared the time-consuming search for parking spaces, commuters will discover the joys of driving pleasure each and every day. Campus mobility made contemporary and clean. The Bio‑Hybrid is a genuine allrounder, and the range of applications for this pedelec is practically unlimited.
Bio‑Hybrid's wide range of applications

Mobility for trailblazers

The Bio‑Hybrid DUO is your perfect companion: compact, agile and comfortable. Good vibes guaranteed. With its smart operating concept, the Bio‑Hybrid is really great fun to use. And you don’t have to enjoy it alone. There’s space to comfortably carry a passenger.

Bio‑Hybrid Passenger model

We'll get your business moving

The Bio‑Hybrid Cargo is superbly equipped to perform deliveries in the urban environment. Its modular design means it can be configured flexibly. Available as a pick-up, or with a enclosed 1,500 liter storage box.

Bio‑Hybrid Cargo model

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Note: All vehicles shown on this page represent our current prototypes. They may differ from the final series production vehicles or show special equipment.