We think out of the box.
We change mobility.

Our thinking and our actions are centered on personal and connected mobility

… as such mobility means freedom and self-determination. We intend to create scope, with a product that puts the focus on the human being and the human experience: for a new form of locomotion and means of transportation that not only feels good and is fun, but is emission-free and contemporary as well. In pursuing these objectives, we believe in a mix of technology and design that has been carefully thought out in every single detail. 

We rethink and change mobility to make the cities and streets of tomorrow a tangible experience.

We break ground and bridge gaps: as a source of creative impulse and a trailblazer on the road toward a digitally networked world. In the pursuit of this endeavor, we rely on the effect that is inherent in any movement – a personal as well as a collective one – and the power that results from taking a stance. These are the principles to which we are committed in designing our products. 

How everything began.


Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH headquartered in Nuremberg and Munich is a fully owned subsidiary of the Schaeffler Group. The global automotive and industrial supplier makes a decisive contribution to mobility of tomorrow with its numerous innovations. As a pioneer in the field of electric mobility Schaeffler presented the Bio‑Hybrid vehicle category in 2016 as a vision for personal transportation in urban areas. This vision is now becoming reality. Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH has the mission to develop the Bio‑Hybrid to production level and to launch the vehicle on the market. In pursuing this objective, the company operates with the flexibility of a startup while having access to the entire technical expertise of the Schaeffler Group.

Step by step.


The “Bio-Hybrid” idea celebrates its world premiere. 


Founding of Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH.


Presentation of the Cargo idea.


Unveiling of the design of the near-production prototypes (Passenger and Cargo) at CES in Las Vegas. Assembly of the trial vehicles and launch of the test stage.


Planned market launch toward the end of the year.


Since its world debut the Bio‑Hybrid has won several awards.

Automotive Brand Contest 2020 – Best of Best
Green Concept Award Winner 2020
German Design Award Nominee 2020
Vision Mobility Award 2019
Red Dot Award 2019
Corporate Design Preis 2019
German Design Award 2019
German Brand Award 2018
Golden Green Award 2018
Logistra Award 2018
Cannes Corporate Media Award 2017