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What drives us

Closeup of the Bio‑Hybrid vehicle logo

The future realized reality today. Presented back in 2016 as a vision for the urban mobility of tomorrow, the Bio‑Hybrid is already becoming reality. With the Cargo models and the DUO, we are launching innovative trendsetters onto the market.

What drives us

To reimagine, and to discard what is obsolete. With us, everything centers on a modern form of mobility and a transport mode, which is not only fun and feels great, but which is also emissions-free and contemporary. We open up new paths and construct bridges: as a catalyst and pioneer for a digitally networked world, with people at its center. In this endeavor, we build on the effect that lies within every movement — be it personal or collective in nature.

This is the ambition by which we design our products.

Bio‑Hybrid parking area bird's eye view

Putting things in motion

We are a mulitdisciplinary team of creative minds, visionaries and innovators. With one common goal: To create something new and exciting, transform mobility, and make life livable in the urban context. These are the people that share that goal.

Members of the Bio‑Hybrid team

You want to get things moving too?

Jump in and join us. Become part of our evergrowing Bio‑Hybrid team, and help shape the future of urban mobility. Send us your job application today. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Bio‑Hybrid team member in the Bio‑Hybrid Pick-up

Vision with Heritage

The Bio‑Hybrid idea was presented by Schaeffler in 2016 as a vision for personal mobility in urban areas. In November 2017, the automotive and industrial supplier established Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH in order to develop the Bio‑Hybrid for production. Following its complete sale, the company has been working under the umbrella of meisterwerk ventures GmbH outside of the Schaeffler Group since October 2020 and operates completely independently of it.

Bio‑Hybrid auf dem Schaeffler Messestand CES 2019

Awards that drive us towards even more

German Design Award Nominee 2020
Vision Mobility Award 2019
Red Dot Award 2019
Corporate Design Preis 2019
German Design Award 2019
German Brand Award 2018
Golden Green Award 2018
Logistra Award 2018
Cannes Corporate Media Award 2017