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07/18/2019 — #nuedigital #biohybrid #ambc

ADAC Mobility BarCamp in Nuremberg: a fabulous event  

ADAC Mobility BarCamp in Nuremberg: a fabulous event  

BarCamps – even the format itself sounds extremely exciting: modern workshops in which the topics are only finalized on day one by the participants themselves. So we definitely wanted to be there too. And now we can say that our assessment of the ADAC Mobility BarCamp (AMBC) held on Tuesday, July 16, as part of the Nuremberg Digital Festival is positive across the board.  

Fantastic partners, inspiring presentations, some 100 interested and active participants from various sectors and functions, plus a total of 10 really gripping sessions which all focused on a central topic: new forms of digital and connected mobility. Exactly the kind of “forward-thinking stuff” we deal with on a daily basis: a whole day dedicated to mobility of tomorrow.

As one of five keynote speakers who kicked off the event, our CEO Gerald Vollnhals vividly explained the Bio‑Hybrid vision of a digital mobility revolution. Eco-friendly, healthy, trendy, connected and also combined with a certain fun factor: that’s what the new forms of getting from A to B should be. 

Innovative mobility solutions like the Bio‑Hybrid are urgently needed in order to change urban infrastructures, because the world is becoming a city. There’s no doubt about it. That’s exactly what Gerald Vollnhals explained. However, he also clearly stated that as Bio‑Hybrid GmbH we can obviously just be part of the big picture. Our credo: progress can only be made in a joint effort.  

The event, no doubt, showed that there are many players pursuing the same goal. For instance, in one of the sessions, Schaeffler – one of many partners of the AMBC – asked: How could the Schaeffler Mover move Nuremberg? Other sessions dealt with the topic of mobility stations at central locations in cities and the planning of urban transportation routes or the question of what the future ADAC might look like. All of these are exciting questions that call for answers: joint answers. 

In terms of networking, it was a successful day in every respect. We got to meet new industry insiders and more people are now also aware of us. The AMBC delivered on the promise of its motto: “Sharing visions, expanding networks, taking home exciting ideas and shaping the future.” It was our first attendance of a BarCamp, but definitely not our last. 

You can watch a video with exciting audio from the AMBC on our Youtube channel.