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06/05/2019 — #biohybrid #ambc #nuedigital

ADAC Mobility BarCamp in Nuremberg: discussions on a level playing field

ADAC Mobility BarCamp in Nuremberg: discussions on a level playing field

BarCamps are not, as might be suspected, tent villages set up with cocktail stands under swinging palm trees. They’re modern workshop-style event formats where the participants themselves spontaneously select the topics to be discussed on site. Sounds exciting, inspiring and also a bit crazy. For us, it means we have to be part of the action and anyone with an interest in new forms of digital and connected mobility should join in as well – because these are the focus topics. 

As part of the Nuremberg Digital Festival (July 12–July 22) – an annual series of events hosted by the digital community (previously called the Nuremberg Web Week) that provides a networking platform for people and organizations from business, technology, education and cultural life – ADAC will organize a Mobility BarCamp (AMBC) at the Museum for Communication on Tuesday, July 16, from 9 am to 6 pm and we’ll be there as a partner of the event. You can look forward to 20 sessions in which the participants will share their knowledge and engage in discussions on a level playing field. Get to know nice people and have fun at the various workshops. It’s a truly engaging format. In addition, five keynote speakers will address the topic of connected mobility. Besides Gerrit Pohl, Chief Digital Officer, ADAC, our CEO, Gerald Vollnhals, delivering a keynote on “The Urbanization of the World,” will be on stage as well.

Admission to the AMBC is free. But you do need to register. You can do that right here (German website).

The participants are the key to the success of any BarCamp. Everyone has the chance to get involved in some way; in fact, everyone is expected to contribute his or her topics, plus to experiment a little. The event is billed as “Sharing visions, expanding your network, taking home exciting inspirations and shaping the future.” 

Everything on that day will revolve around mobility. With all of its facets and possibilities that go along with digital transformation. Registered participants will be able to communicate their ideas for the digital mobility revolution and their views. And those who’d like to see the Bio‑Hybrid “live” will have the chance to do so as well on July 16. We’re going to showcase the static Cargo version. In the evening, the participants will end the day over some small snacks and delicious drinks.  

You find additional information, all the keynote speakers and the topics of the five sessions planned so far in a flyer. (German flyer)

More on the Nuremberg Digital Festival: https://nuernberg.digital/festival


ADAC Mobility BarCamp