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03/18/2021 — #biohybrid #cargobike #purchasingincentive #savemoney

Bio‑Hybrid PICK-UP subsidized with 2,500 euros

4000€ Förderung für den Bio‑Hybrid in Brandenburg

We’ve got good news for you. A new Germany-wide purchasing incentive for commercially used electrically assisted cargo bikes is now available. The grant offered by the Federal Ministry for the Environment amounts to 25 percent of the purchasing costs or a maximum of 2,500 euros per bike. A check with the approving authority, the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA), has confirmed that our Bio‑Hybrid Cargo models such as the PICK-UP, which you can already order now, meets all the key criteria of this new incentive regulation. For you, this means: the purchase of your Bio‑Hybrid will be subsidized with the maximum amount of 2,500 euros. 

Who is entitled to the grant?

The grant addresses all privately owned businesses, businesses with municipal shareholders, local governments, corporations, public-law entities, clubs and associations with legal capacity. Important: You have to apply for and obtain approval of the grant before buying the Bio‑Hybrid. The chart below shows the sequence you should adhere to in this process. Following your online application, BAFA anticipates an approximate processing time of two weeks. Before applying, take your time to carefully study the online form, because in case of questions, BAFA will get back to you by regular mail and this may unnecessarily delay the process.  

Numerous state-specific and local incentive programs

Not only the German federal government subsidizes the purchase of an electrically assisted cargo bike. By now, dozens of incentive programs exist in Germany and Austria and some of them apply not only to commercially but also to privately used e-bikes. The grants vary by federal state and local government* and may provide you with major savings (in Brandenburg, for instance: of up to 4,000 euros for the Bio‑Hybrid DUO). In special cases, various incentive programs may even be combined, so it pays to take a look at the funding landscape. You can find an extensive summary of the incentives at Cargobike.Jetzt. In case of questions about the Bio Hybrid or available grants, just send us an email to: sales@bio-hybrid.de

Bio‑Hybrid Grant

Cities in transformation

The various incentive programs show that the federal and state governments have recognized the potential of sustainable e-mobility, especially in urban traffic. The reduction of harmful emissions requires more alternative mobility concepts to hit the road. Electric cargo bikes such as our Bio‑Hybrid PICK-UP or our DUO for hauling people can help achieve the stated goal of climate neutrality by 2050. 


*The key criteria for application approvals vary depending on the incentive program and include the intended use (private or commercial), the duration of ownership before resale (minimum usage period), the requestor’s domicile, date of application (before or after purchase) plus, in some cases, additional conditions such as the requestor using green electricity, being of age or his/her marital status.