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09/12/2019 — #awards #biohybrid #cargo #BestOFmobility

Our Bio‑Hybrid wins “Best of mobility” award

Our Bio‑Hybrid wins “Best of mobility” award

You were asked to cast your vote and now the outcome has been determined. We won! On Wednesday night, we were able to accept the “Best of mobility” award at a gala at the New Mobility World held in conjunction with the IAA. We’re incredibly delighted, especially because this was a readers’ and experts’ choice and our competitors were nominated as well. Thanks a million for your votes! 

It was a fantastic evening at the New Mobility World – the hub for pioneers from all kinds of sectors with plenty of interesting and exciting people to talk to who share a common goal: rethinking the future of mobility. As befitted the occasion, the awards ceremony was attended by almost 200 invited guests. 

The competition featured the 90 most important innovations in the areas of mobility, connectivity and infrastructure. Readers were able to choose their favorites from 18 subcategories including electric vehicles, e-startups, cars with alternative propulsion systems, mobile services, charging technology, etc. – plus cargo bikes. Our Cargo version was nominated in the “Infrastructure Cargo Bikes” category and netted the largest number of votes in its class.  

Obviously, the Bio‑Hybrid representatives at the event were overwhelmed with joy by this clear advantage. What a tremendous result. Prof. Peter Gutzmer, Chief Technology Officer of Schaeffler AG, and the Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH team including CEO Gerald Vollnhals, Patrick Seidel, who is responsible for Strategy and Business Development, and Jakub Fukacz, Head of Marketing and Communications, personally accepted the award.   

During the four months from April to July, users had the opportunity to cast their votes on the “VISION mobility” homepage. The readers’ choice award is backed by Huss-Verlag that publishes the “VISION mobility” special-interest magazine, by partner Deloitte and by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) that recognize companies as well as their products and services with the “Best of mobility” award. Entries were submitted by the editors of “VISION mobility” who had this to say about the Cargo version of our Bio‑Hybrid: “The integrated, modular and viable pedelec transportation system of the spun-off Schaeffler subsidiary is a veritable quick-change artist for urban mobility. As a four-wheel vehicle with a semi-closed cabin it combines the advantages of a small van with the agility and dimensions of an electric cargo bike. “ 

We have a similar view of our product. The Cargo version of the Bio‑Hybrid is a forward-thinking mobility concept for zero-emissions urban transportation of goods. Numerous studies have revealed that the transportation of goods in cities will increase by ten percent annually. Total gridlock looms in major cities, which makes forecasts according to which more than 20 percent of our commercial transportation could be shifted to cargo bikes by 2030 particularly intriguing. The Cargo version of our Bio‑Hybrid is a true alternative, especially due to its modular design. Refrigeration van, coffee shop or closed stowage space – many uses are possible.

By the way: The next issue of the “VISION mobility” magazine will be published shortly.  It will provide a rundown on the voters’ choice award. It’s worth reading. So click here, too.