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03/30/2020 — #biohybrid #cargo #wemove #citylogistics

City logistics need new forms of mobility

Green City Logistics with the Bio‑Hybrid Cargo

Stop and go in city traffic. Bumper to bumper here, congested streets there. Parcel carriers who search in vain for a parking space and end up having to double park just to deliver their goods. That’s everyday life in our cities. 

Online trade has reached an annual growth in the double digits and is continuing to boom. Last year, every German received an average of 24 parcels. According to a forecast by the Federal Association of Parcel & Express Logistics (BIEK), the volume of parcels will increase by a total of 5.2 percent per year to 4.43 billion shipments in the year 2023 (see infographic). 

It’s seems only logical that modern city logistics need a rethink. The courier, express and parcel service sector (CEP) urgently needs alternative forms of mobility: smaller, nimbler and more environmentally friendly solutions. 

Interesting in this context: Forecasts of the Institute for Transport Research at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) predict that up to 22.6 percent of commercial transport could be shifted from vehicle haulage to emission-free cargo bikes. This forecast would not only help to address traffic congestion but also improve the attractiveness and quality of life in German city centers. 

Bio‑Hybrid City Logistics Infographic

The cargo version of the Bio‑Hybrid is one such alternative transport solution that enhances the advantages of the Pedelec bicycles – electric support, little space required, great maneuverability – with the safety and comfort of a compact four-wheel vehicle with a roof. 

Olli is familiar with the Bio‑Hybrid. As a bicycle courier, he spent a day riding it around Munich: across the city, on the bike path, on the street, during rush hour. We followed him with a video camera. For Olli, the Bio‑Hybrid is a “perfect vehicle.” “Even when I have a lot of things to haul, I’ve got plenty of cargo space for them.” The Bio‑Hybrid has a carrying capacity of up to 200 kg*. In combination with inner-city storage facilities – so-called micro hubs, which are becoming increasingly common – it is a sensible logistics solution for the last mile. 

Thanks to the electrical assistance, Olli can easily move through the city. Regardless of how many parcels he has on board, he arrives at the customer relaxed. This test day has clearly underlined that the time-consuming search for a parking space in no longer necessary. With the Bio‑Hybrid, you drive past the traffic jam on the bike path and park directly in front of the customer’s door. 

Finally, it can be said that Olli’s test drive has confirmed our course of action. How he maneuvered the Bio‑Hybrid through the city was pretty cool. Simply smart – exactly the way modern mobility should be. 

In the coming months more videos will follow, in which different protagonists share their impressions and experiences with our vehicles – with both the Passenger and the Pick-Up versions. Stay tuned. 


* final specification pending