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07/02/2019 — #biohybrid #corporatedesignpreis #awards

Winner of Nominee Award in the 27th Corporate Design Prize!

Winner of Nominee Award in the 27th Corporate Design Prize!

Driving a Bio‑Hybrid is not only supposed to produce zero emissions in keeping with the times, but also be a fun and visually appealing activity. A harmonious and attractive look is no doubt an important factor in this context. This also applies to the identity-building corporate design of Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH. Our dedicated, all-new corporate design is the result of a truly creative achievement that has now been recognized once again. In the prestigious Corporate Design Prize competition of Awards Unlimited, we were selected as a Nominee Award winner in the Corporate Design Launch category among numerous entries: a great form of recognition for our work. All award winners will also be included in a year-book. We are delighted about this honor and wish to thank both the members of the judging team and our partners and friends at Brandcode.

In their evaluation, the judges focused on the corporate design’s level of innovation, its identity-building quality, its design quality and, last but not least, its media-related functionality. The competition recognized outstanding design and forward-thinking ideas from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  

Our logo as a strong word and design mark obviously convinced the judges. The “Bio-Hybrid” lettering with the striking “H” is no longer emblazoned only on the Bio‑Hybrid itself, our business cards or promotional articles like ball-point pens or roll-ups, but also on cool merchandising items such as gym bags, shirts and lanyards. The “H” stands for both the hybrid topic and for a plus: a connecting element that, in its unique styling, is intended to become a symbol for our company and the Bio‑Hybrid product category.

Our colorful “flow” is important to us as well. Derived from the formal language of the logo, it produces forms that are intended to point out new paths: new paths we plan to pursue with the Bio‑Hybrid. The Bio‑Hybrid flow is deliberately used in a linear way and emphasizes motion. The distribution of colors plays a key role in the overall impression of our corporate design as well. Our corporate design is based on four main colors depicted as a color gradient. The objective is to build identity due to the dedicated color spectrum. 

This is what we care about most in this context: we want our corporate design – just like the Bio‑Hybrid – to build identity.