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08/08/2019 — #biohybrid #cargo

We support RLVD, Germany’s Cycle Logistics Association

We support RLVD, Germany’s Cycle Logistics Association

The German Environmental Agency (UBA) has set some noble goals for the next 30 years. By 2050, Germany is supposed to become largely greenhouse gas neutral. This means that the entire transportation of goods should be operated in CO2-neutral ways, too. However, this raises the question of how that’s supposed to work if online business alone is growing by 10 percent every year and will continue to increase traffic density in urban areas? What we need is zero-emission solutions for hauling goods. Cargo bikes such as our Bio‑Hybrid, for instance: a vehicle that combines muscle power and electric propulsion and that with near-zero grams of CO2 emissions per passenger-kilometer (pkm) outperforms the automobile, be it the conventional ICE type or the electric version, in terms of climate neutrality.   

Bio‑Hybrid CO2 DiagramAccordingly, the utilization of such cargo bikes that move goods in an eco-friendly way from A to B has to be pushed in logistics: a goal that RLVD, the German Cycle Logistics Association, advocates. The association aims to achieve an improvement of the conditions for bicyle traffic in general and specifically for commercial bike transportation. We’ve joined RLVD because we share these goals and are happy to be part of this community. It’s still a relatively new interest group that was founded only at the end of 2018 but that’s already being supported by more than 30 companies and institutions.  

Cargo bikes, no doubt, have great potential. According to some forecasts, more than 20 percent of commercial transportation might be shifted to cargo bikes by 2030. The benefits are obvious. Here’s an example: a sub-compact car used for deliveries costs 400 euros per month on average – up to ten times more than a cargo bike. In addition, more than 40 percent of all Germans can imagine renting a cargo bike, according to surveys. You can read more on this here. 

So, with our Bio‑Hybrid, we precisely have our finger on the pulse of time. CO2- neutral deliveries should become an image and marketing factor for companies. Together with RLVD and its members, we want to promote this idea.

Background: RLVD is a national association of the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF), whose primary aim is to use cycle logistics as a contribution to climate protection and urban quality of life and to promote these goals in the political and business community and society at large.