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02/06/2019 — #CES2019 #biohybrid

Fantastic feedback: our impressions from CES in Las Vegas

Fantastic feedback: our impressions from CES in Las Vegas

What a debut for our young start-up! We returned from #CES2019 in Las Vegas with an outstanding overall impression. Our aims before the world premiere of the two near-production versions of the Bio‑Hybrid were high, but then the large number of visitors and inquiries did surprise us. In a nutshell: The variety of questions and interest in our new mobility concept surpassed our expectations. That makes us very happy and shows that we’re on the right track with our ideas about the urban mobility world of tomorrow.  

The press conference at the beginning of the world’s major electronics show gave us a foretaste of what was still to come. More than 100 journalists listened to the statements of Schaeffler’s executive board members Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gutzmer and Matthias Zink and attended Nico Rosberg’s guest appearance. Subsequent media response was very positive. You can read some examples here.

We were particularly pleased about former Formula One World Champion Nico Rosberg’s visit to our booth. He’s surrounded by a unique aura of success: equally fascinating and inspiring. As part of his activities as an ambassador for the Schaeffler Mover and co-owner of Team Rosberg Engineering (TRE) he caught up on the Bio‑Hybrid as well. What’s currently happening in terms of mobility is incredible, Nico subsequently tweeted

There’s hardly a better place for presenting technological innovations than the gold rush town Las Vegas. The right spirit. Breaking new ground. Conquering new frontiers. A perfect fit for our young company. This is where we took the next step toward market launch.

The urbanization of the world: In the future, at least 60 percent of all people will be living in cities, according to forecasts. More and more people are looking for intelligent solutions that will enable them to get around in urban traffic with zero emissions. The connected Bio‑Hybrid fits these mobility requirements and provides a viable alternative in the mobility mix, going forward.  

Due to its four wheels, it offers outstanding stability. The pedelec is hardly wider than a conventional bicycle and may be operated on bike paths as well – simply by-passing traffic jams. The electric motor assists the driver up to a speed of 25 km/h*. Of course higher speeds are possible too, but only by using muscle power. 

If you’d like to learn more about our Bio‑Hybrid and our CES appearance watch the CES video.  

*depending on laws and regulations in local markets