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09/14/2020 — #biohybrid #celebratechange #micromobility #futureofmobility

„Let’s celebrate change together“: Bio‑Hybrid part of the Greentech Festival

Greentech Festival Bio‑Hybrid

Green technologies, sustainable lifestyles, future-oriented innovations – that’s what the Greentech Festival (September 16–18) at the “Kraftwerk Berlin” in the center of the city is all about. Modern mobility plays an important role here. That’s why the Bio‑Hybrid cannot miss the chance to be there. Our pedelec on four wheels, which will take you or your goods anywhere quickly and comfortably.

We are happy to be present as winners of the “Focus E-Bike Design & Innovation Award 2020” at the booth of the renowned magazine and to be allowed to show our vehicle, including the chance to see it up close and take a seat. Would you like to? Then come by. For 10 euros you can book timeslots wherein you can visit the exhibition on September 17 and 18. 

After the successful premiere last year, the GTF is opening its doors this time on a somewhat smaller scale. The reason is clear: Corona. But: Because the number of visitors had to be limited accordingly, part of the festival will take place online. All of the digital content, such as prominent conferences, climate neutral concerts etc., are available free of charge. We are looking forward to exciting days under the motto of #celebratechange and want to answer as many questions as possible.

Patrick Seidel, responsible for strategy and development, has already done so. In the Focus E-Bike Innovation Talk (German) he answered the questions from Patrick Morda, editor in chief of New Business. Have a look and read about it. Patrick reveals interesting facts about the history of the Bio‑Hybrid and the relevance of certain topics for us, be it design or the example of “ergonomics while riding”. Patrick explains that it takes time to bring a completely new product with high quality onto the road, including a functioning delivery management system, as well as sales and service concepts. The pandemic is a factor that has not been conducive to this. Procuring parts took longer than usual and product optimization was increasingly challenging. It was therefore with a heavy heart that we decided to adjust our timeline slightly. Travelling with the Bio‑Hybrid will still be possible from 2021, but only in the second half of the year. We plan to start production in the second quarter of 2021. There is still good news this year, you can reserve the Bio‑Hybrid. It’s an exciting time for us. More information about the reservation process will follow soon. Stay tuned!

Tickets for the festival are available at www.greentechfestival.com.

You can find a feature about us and the Focus E-Bike Award in the new Focus E-Bike Magazine. The magazine is now available in stores.