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03/30/2020 — #biohybrid #wemove #immcologne #urbanmobility #electricvehicles

“Smart Living” with the Bio‑Hybrid

“Smart Living” with the Bio‑Hybrid

How are we going to live in the future? How are we going to move from A to B? What technological developments are going to simplify and shape our everyday lives? Smart Homes, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence – all of these are concepts we’re dealing with on a regular basis in the age of digitalization. The “Let’s be smart - Smart Village” at imm cologne showed solutions with real potential for individual users and for society.  

We were part of this special exhibition held in conjunction with the prestigious Interior Design show at the Cologne trade fair halls, where more than 1,200 key players, trendsetters and creative newcomers from 50 countries showcased their innovations this year. Nearly 130,000 visitors in total turned out for the event to be inspired by the industry’s new trends. A bed with an app for the perfect (sleeping) light, keyless front doors with integrated tablets, voice-controlled washing machines and part of the program as well, our concept of Urban Mobility Redefined.

Bio‑Hybrid auf der imm cologne

The fair offered many opportunities for guided tours and individual conversations. 

The Passenger version really went down well: space-saving, digitally connected, design-driven, sustainable, easy to operate – the Bio‑Hybrid as an element of the “Smart Living” concept. Essentially, it’s about thinking and living in more efficient, more progressive and greener ways. It’s about smart solutions – albeit not as merely an end in itself.  

“Let’s be smart” was specifically focused on the added value of technological innovations based on the following approach: The trade show exhibits the products and services offered by diverse industries and manufacturers integrated into three holistic and user-focused interior living environments.  All of them are based on meaningful scenarios that add specific value such as our “smart mobility solution” that matches the lifestyle of a generation seeking sustainable alternatives for urban transportation. 

Hundreds of visitors obtained information from the members of our trade show team. The media days and the days on which consumers were admitted offered ample opportunity for guided tours and individual conversations. Many interested visitors got into the seat of a Bio‑Hybrid and asked us questions. They included quite of few who had won a free ticket in our Newsletter.

You can watch a video of us at the imm here. 


Bio‑Hybrid Seitenansicht auf der imm cologne