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06/19/2019 — #biohybrid #kissandtellleipzig

Lifestyle bloggers go for Bio‑Hybrid

Lifestyle bloggers go for Bio‑Hybrid

Needless to say, anyone with an interest in and questions about our Bio‑Hybrid will receive an answer: as extensive and detailed as desired. Sure thing!
Because any inquiry we receive makes us feel that we’re on the right track. That’s why we were obviously pleased about the interest shown by Franzi and Steffi, two bloggers from Leipzig writing for Kiss & Tell.  

Who will benefit from the Bio‑Hybrid and how, and what are the challenges our startup has to tackle – exciting questions that Jakub Fukacz, our marketing and communications professional, answers on their website. So why not visit Kiss & Tell and take a look at our “nuts-and-bolts business” from a different angle.  

Kiss & Tell is a creative online magazine and a project that Franzi and Steffi are deeply committed to. In various rubrics, they talk about all sorts of experiences and things they come across and are personally excited about – including people and projects that inspire their enthusiasm like our Bio‑Hybrid. Once again, we’d like to thank them for this charming conversation. 

Click here to read the entire interview. (German article)


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