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08/06/2020 — #biohybrid #passenger #mobility #healthcare #fitness

Bio‑Hybrid for every generation: Those who are mobile stay active

Bio‑Hybrid Passenger Pedelec Seniors

There are currently around 17.5 million people living in Germany who are 65 years or older. This corresponds to about 21 percent of the population. And this trend is rising. Life expectancy is increasing steadily. And with it, the desire for a higher quality of life in old age. Being “old” is no longer what it was 30 years ago. The 65+ generation is in the middle of life and is more active than ever before.

Individual mobility and health are two central factors, because those who are mobile also remain active, can meet friends and relatives, do voluntary work, visit doctors and run errands. And those who are physically active stay healthy longer – both physically and mentally. So, it’s no wonder that the continuing boom in the bicycle market, especially in the e-bike segment, is not least being carried by the 65+ generation.  

But, why is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor (pedelec) so advantageous, especially for seniors, compared to a conventional bicycle?  

Thanks to the supporting electric motor, a pedelec can easily cover longer distances and uphill gradients, depending on the fitness level and regardless of physical limitations. Nevertheless, pedelec riding means sporty physical activity, only those who pedal are supported electrically. Pedaling is easy on the joints, strengthens muscles and puts moderate strain on the circulation. Just a few minutes a day are enough to strengthen your body, stay fit and thus reduce the risk of illness. 

However, according to “Fahrrad-Monitor Deutschland,” older people, in particular, feel (rather) unsafe in traffic when cycling. For example, 53 percent of 50-59 year olds and 49 percent of 60-69 year olds say that they feel unsafe. A total of eleven and nine percent respectively even feel “not at all” safe. In addition to too much traffic, inconsiderate motorists and too few separate cycle paths, general insecurity on a bicycle is one of the reasons for this low feeling of safety. This insecurity can go up with increasing age, as physical strength decreases and the sense of balance wanes, thus increasing the risk of falling. The higher riding stability on four wheels compared to a conventional bicycle or e-bike is not only evident while traveling with the Bio‑Hybrid. At traffic lights or other stops, there is no need to get on and off the bike and balance it. 

Infographic Mobile at any age


While bad weather conditions can dull the desire to cycle, the Bio-Hybrid’s roof protects against rain and snow. Even transporting shopping is not a problem with the Bio‑Hybrid. The storage space offers enough room for larger errands. The Bio‑Hybrid Passenger is also suitable for trips for two, as there is room for an additional person behind the driver. 

The Bio‑Hybrid offers seniors all the advantages of an e-bike, and much more. It offers individual mobility into old age, because mobility is a part of quality of life. And that’s exactly why it’s so important to maintain it – or gain it anew.