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04/25/2019 — #biohybrid #awards

We’re nominated: vote for us!

We’re nominated: vote for us!

We’re elated about another award nomination. In the “Best of Mobility” voting, Huss-Verlag (“Vision Mobility”) recognizes companies and their products and services. Votes can be cast on the most important novelties in the areas of mobility, connectivity and infrastructure. The Cargo version of the Bio‑Hybrid has been nominated in the “Infrastructure Cargobikes” category. 

The editors write: “The connected, modular and viable pedelec transportation system of Schaeffler’s spin-off is a true change artist for urban mobility. As a four-wheel vehicle with a semi-closed cabin it combines the advantages of a small van with the agility and dimensions of an electric cargo bike.”

If you share our belief in our new “Bio-Hybrid” mobility concept, support us at www.vision-mobility.de/bom and vote for us. It’s worth it. All voters will participate in a drawing by Huss-Verlag of prizes worth a total of 10,000 euros.

Many thanks for your support!

By the way: “VISION mobility” magazine in its current issue dedicated a four-page article to us in its “Startup” rubric. The full content can also be read online by registered subscribers. You’ll find the article here


Bio‑Hybrid Award Vision Mobility Nominated