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Bio‑Hybrid Passenger for urban mobility

Progress needs mobility. Just a very short time from now, urban mobility across the world will look very different from what we see today. We endeavor every day to make our own contribution to this change. Jump in, and together let’s set the future in motion. 

Preparing to move the cities of tomorrow

Mobility is changing. Ever faster. Cities are rethinking. The traffic blend on our roads is becoming more balanced. More sustainable. More climate friendly. With less emissions. Bringing a better quality of life. The Bio‑Hybrid is shaking up your city.

Bio‑Hybrid Passenger in the cycle lane

On the road, there for you

Trade fairs, workshops and roadshows – the places you’ll find our team engaged in cross-industry discussions on the future of mobility. Come by and check out the Bio‑Hybrid. Here’s where you’ll find us.

Bio‑Hybrid Passenger in the late evening light

Our blog

Exciting news from the cockpit of the Bio‑Hybrid, fascinating developments in the mobility sector, and everything you need to know about our start-up. Find it here. 

Bio‑Hybrid Passenger on street cycle lane

Bio‑Hybrid in the media

With the Bio‑Hybrid, we have created a completely new class of vehicle, and it’s generating a whole lot of attention in the media. Here’s a selection of some of the most exciting articles.

Bio‑Hybrid in the media

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Awards that keep us moving

Automotive Brand Contest 2020 - Best of Best
Green Concept Award Winner
German Design Award Winner 2020
Vision Mobility Award 2019
Red Dot Award 2019
Corporate Design Prize 2019
German Design Award 2019
German Brand Award 2018
Golden Green Award 2018
Logistra Award 2018
Cannes Corporate Media Award 2017