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12/14/2020 — #biohybrid #duo #passenger #cargo #PartOfTheFamily

Passenger turns into DUO!

Passenger turns into DUO!

Those of you who’ve already familiarized themselves a bit with our Bio‑Hybrid know that we’ve built it based on a platform strategy. The platform is divided into two product families: Passenger and Cargo.

Our Cargo is a real Quick-change artist. Be it with an open cargo bed in the PICK-UP version or with a closed cargo box as the Bio‑Hybrid BOX, the Cargo product family offers a wide variety of individual body styles. Our cargo bike provides an eco-friendly alternative for hauling goods in your city, advancing you and your business in smart and clean style.

The Passenger is our pedelec for personal transportation. We move trailblazers, forward thinkers and people of action: mothers, fathers, grandparents, fitness freaks, lazybones, singles or couples. Our Passenger is for everyone. The Bio‑Hybrid Passenger is your perfect companion – be it in a big city or out in the country, on your way to work, while shopping or getting together with friends. Thanks to its agility and ample stowage space, you’re guaranteed to find your way around wherever you choose to go in our tiny vehicle. The Passenger even makes it possible for you to share your driving and riding pleasure with a person of your choice. A passenger can comfortably get into the seat behind you. For shared mobility up until a ripe old age.

Shortly before (Attention spoiler!) the reservation stage starts we’ve taken another deep look at our brand architecture and decided to also give our Passenger a name of its own. Hence Passenger has turned into DUO.

If you’re looking for a new, smart, zero-emissions alternative for your personal mobility, the name of your new e-bike is Bio‑Hybrid DUO. In the future, it’ll take you through your city in clean, fast and silent style. Now all you need to do is switch to a pedelec.