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03/25/2021 — #biohybrid #wemove #ebike #micromobility

This is how powerful and practical the Bio‑Hybrid battery is

Bio‑Hybrid DUO

Together with the motor the battery is the centerpiece of any e-bike or pedelec. It supplies the traction motor with the energy required for electrical assistance during a ride. When asking potential pedelec buyers and owners what characteristics are important to them about their bike, high capacity typically ranks at the top of the list. With conventional e-bikes on two wheels 500 Wh are common.

By contrast, the capacity of the 48-V lithium-ion battery of the Bio‑Hybrid amounts to a powerful 1,200 Wh. The Bio‑Hybrid battery is an all-new development because it powers an all-new form of mobility. Whether it’s a DUO, PICK-UP, WORK or BOX, the Bio‑Hybrid battery is compatible with all our vehicles. Lithium-ion cells from a brand manufacturer and a Bio‑Hybrid battery management system – in other words hardware and software that optimally controls the charging and discharging processes – ensures long battery life and range made in Germany.

The Bio‑Hybrid will cover a distance of around 50 kilometers on one battery, depending on the route, individually selected level of electrical assistance and pedaling frequency. That’s easily enough for a daily commute to work or an extensive shopping tour. Range will even increase to as much as 100 kilometers by using both battery slots in the vehicle. Thanks to the charge level indicator and comprehensive digital dashboard- and app-based control with topology-based range projection, you’ll always keep an eye on the charge level. That’s really practical!

Just like portability of the battery. It can easily be removed from under the seat and, thanks to a carrying handle, be taken to the nearest 230-volt household socket at home or at the office. Easily connected with the Bio‑Hybrid charger with a Schuko plug. Naturally, the battery can be charged directly on the vehicle as well. A full charge cycle using a 10-ampere charger takes about three hours.

And, don’t worry: Although the battery can be removed easily it’s stowed underneath the seat, where it’s protected against theft. Tipping the scales at around nine kilograms, the splash- and dust-proof battery weighs hardly more than your weekly shopping at a farmers’ market and with a size of a small shoebox (approx. 23 x 15 x 24.2 cm) fits into any larger bag or rucksack.