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11/22/2019 — #biohybrid #passenger #cargo #testdrive

Prototype trials on campus area in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

Delivering goods with the Bio‑Hybrid Cargo

Since mid-October, we have been running several Bio‑Hybrid prototypes, which feature all the functionality of future production models, with selected partners to trial in driving tests. The aim is to test the specific applications in real-life situations and obtain feedback from the users. 

One key area of the application test is mobility around campus areas. Teaming up with an interested company keen to make the transport modes and routes on its premises efficient and produce as little emissions as possible, we asked ourselves: Which different use cases can be serviced with the Passenger and Cargo versions over expansive factory premises, and which specific requirements do they place on our vehicles?  

To find the answer, our prototypes were tested in diverse use cases over several days on the 39-hectare (96-acre) corporate campus in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. The areas of application ranged from in-house logistics, factory safety, catering and canteen, cleaning and maintenance, event planning and execution through to the transport of various materials. 

Bio‑Hybrid mobility on campus arealWithout a driver’s license, quiet and digitally connected: The Bio‑Hybrid offers many uses for sustainable mobility on campus. Print-quality graphics are available from the media center.

More than 80 employees from various areas put the prototypes through their paces and gave their feedback on their specific use scenario and customization wishes. Driving pleasure, of course, was an important consideration.

Testdrive Bio‑Hybrid Campus Area

The Passenger and Cargo prototype versions are ready for the application trials


Bio‑Hybrid testdrive fun

After a brief introduction, the test drive can begin


Feedback testdrive Bio‑Hybrid

 User feedback after the test drive


Tests were run simultaneously for courier and parcel services as well as catering companies for the inbound and outbound delivery of fresh goods around the grounds of the Munich “Werksviertel” area: the Cargo version with a closed-in transport box. An overview of the Bio‑Hybrid versions can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Bio‑Hybrid Cargo Courier Service

Door-to-door parcel delivery without the parking hassle


Bio‑Hybrid Cargo Delivery

Flexible and fast in city traffic