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02/17/2021 — #biohybrid #bikesafety #bikelife #mobility

Bio‑Hybrid: The safer bike

Bio‑Hybrid Duo

Biking’s booming. Because biking’s benefits are obvious. Biking’s healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable, trendy and, not least, deemed worthy of being incentivized and subsidized by the government. Plus, in the city, a bike will often take me to where I’m going faster or at least as fast as a car would. In urban areas, up to 30 percent of car travel could be substituted by bikes, according to the German Environment Agency. Take Münster for instance: at 39 percent (as of 2020, German Environment Agency) bike travel in Germany’s “bike boomtown” already exceeds motorized personal transportation (29 percent). 

The question is: Why aren’t more people switching to bikes? Be it in urban areas or out in the country. Traffic safety is one of the reasons why. Compared to the classic bike, our Bio‑Hybrid scores because four wheels enhance both comfort and safety. Bodywork, a roof, a windshield: all of these improve visibility in road traffic.  

Especially urbanites using bikes regularly know what we’re writing about. Can you also relate to this feeling of uncertainty about truck drivers really being able to see you when making a turn? Or take these notorious “dooring” incidents requiring you as a bike rider to suddenly get out of the way of an inadvertently opened car door. In the worst case, you’ll crash into the door. At least 45 percent of German bikers have been involved in one of those near-misses, according to the German Road Safety Council. According to the 2019 Cycling Monitor, 44 percent of cyclists in this country feel unsafe in road traffic. That’s nearly half of all cyclists! A rate not to be neglected.  

The advantage of our Bio‑Hybrid: Due to its roof, suspension, weather protection and kind of body you’ll inevitably feel safer than you would on a bike. Consequently, slipping and tipping on a slippery road is no longer an issue in a Bio‑Hybrid. In addition, thanks to rearview mirrors and an ergonomic, upright seating position, Bio‑Hybrid users have a good view in road traffic. Even more importantly, they’re seen by others. Talking about seeing and be seen, when it gets dark, a smart LED lighting system will illuminate the street or road ahead of you. 

Why not take a look at our infographic. You’ll find all the benefits in terms of safety at a glance here.


Bio‑Hybrid Infographic Safety