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01/28/2021 — #biohybrid #cargobike #purchasingincentive #savemoney

Secure a purchasing incentive now!

4000€ Förderung für den Bio‑Hybrid in Brandenburg

Secure a purchasing incentive. Save money when buying the Bio‑Hybrid DUO.

Germany and Austria have established an extensive range of more than 60 purchasing incentives for privately and commercially used cargo bikes. Independently of each other, various cities, districts and federal states are promoting the purchase of (electric) cargo bikes for hauling people or goods. And the best part about it: our Bio‑Hybrid DUO meets the requirements, depending on the program, and hence qualifies for financial purchasing incentives.

Clubs/private associations, towns and businesses can save up to 4,000 euros

Currently, the state of Brandenburg is attracting attention by offering an incentive of up to 4,000 euros. Yes, you’ve read correctly: 4,000 euros. Residents of Brandenburg can apply for this grant applied to the purchase of the Bio‑Hybrid DUO as a municipality, corporation and institution, as a club, association, social institution and as a company under private law. As a result, after receiving confirmation of the grant, they’ll only pay 4,394.96 euros net for the vehicle*. Their main focus of activity or the head office or the place of business must be in Brandenburg and the grant can only be provided if the application is submitted and has been approved prior to purchasing the cargo bike. All details about the process can be found here: Lastenfahrräder | LBV (brandenburg.de)

What do I need to do as a eligible applicant?

Just follow a few simple steps:

1. Send an email to us at sales@bio-hybrid.de stating “Incentive in Brandenburg – Bio‑Hybrid DUO” in the subject line and we’ll send you a non-binding offer for the Bio‑Hybrid DUO

2. We also need your first name and last name for the non-binding offer, your full postal address plus your sales tax ID number

3. You’ll receive a non-binding offer from us by email

4. You start your application process here: Lastenfahrräder | LBV (brandenburg.de)

5. Following approval of your application, you’ll receive the decision regarding your grant and you buy the Bio‑Hybrid DUO for the price of 8,394.96 euros net (gross price: 9,990 euros*). To do this, you only need to confirm the offer you received by e-mail (see point 3)

6. With the delivery you will receive your invoice that you can submit as a proof of use and for the request for the purchasing incentive

Got any questions about the Bio‑Hybrid or the grant? Then just get in touch with us directly and send an email to: sales@bio-hybrid.de


*based on the current planned list price for the Bio‑Hybrid DUO of 9,990 euros.