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06/02/2020 — #biohybrid #passenger #testdrive

Putting in the kilometers for a perfect product

Putting in the kilometers for a perfect product

Kilometer by kilometer, day and night, no matter whether the sun is shining or the sky is raining down. We are still on the road with the Bio‑Hybrid. Developers, engineers, and test drivers are optimizing our prototypes step by step in the direction of series production – under all conditions. While the extraordinary effects of the corona pandemic in March and April had literally slowed us down, we are now continuing with fine-tuning, taking all of the necessary hygiene measures into account. 

The motto: test, test, test. Putting in the kilometers for a perfect product. For example, we were also underway right here on our doorstep in Nuremberg. Roaming through the old town. Uphill, downhill, on smooth asphalt, as well as on bumpy cobblestone pavement. In dry weather and in the wet, the camera always at hand. Of course, there is always room for improvement for our engineers. For example when our team around our new head of development, Gregor Schmitt, literally listens to the prototype in order to perfect the gear ratios, it’s all about fine-tuning the transmission. 

The everyday tests in rainy weather are also exciting. The developers and test drivers mount action cameras on the vehicle in order to document the weather protection which, thanks to the underbody and roof construction, windscreen and wheel covers on the tires, does not leave the driver standing in the rain.

Sometimes, our pilots have to travel in the dark. For example, when we are fine-tuning the lighting concept. Optical technologies on and in vehicles are becoming increasingly important. Headlights and indicators must be set correctly. See and be seen! Last but not least, test drives are also indispensable for our software developers. Keywords: usability testing of prototypes, which includes navigation software and software updates. 

Rain, sun, wind, no matter what the weather decides, we will continue testing in order to be able to go into production at the end of the year.