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12/09/2019 — #biohybrid #wemove #biohybridmoments

A 90-second sensation of Bio‑Hybrid moments

A 90-second sensation of Bio‑Hybrid moments

“Run, Run, Ready!” and “Nothin’ gonna stop me now!” The lyrics of the song that provides the soundtrack to our video campaign billed as “We move …“put things in a nutshell. We’re ready. We’re moving forward. The first application tests have been completed – we’ve already told you about them. We tested a variety of use cases in which the Bio‑Hybrid successfully proved its versatility in day-to-day settings. 

You’ve already seen a wealth of photos of our novel vehicle and its adaptability. Now, we’ve got some video footage for you, images that will show you how much fun it is to move the Bio‑Hybrid through the city: fast, easy and with multiple functionalities. The 90-second trailer for the campaign, which has been online for a few days and has been clicked some 5,000 times since, covers our application trials and test drives from recent months and sets the scene for the various use cases: emotionally charged and vividly told.  

The video is meant to describe the spirit of a generation (and others) seeking sensible alternatives to the automobile: alternatives that consistently follow through on the idea of sustainability in urban transportation – smart solutions that fit a mobile lifestyle. 

Take parcel deliveries for example: A bulky delivery van has a hard time moving through dense urban traffic and rarely finds a regular parking place. With the agile Bio‑Hybrid, which is rated as a bicyle and permitted to run in bicycle lanes, the drivers can bypass traffic jams and stop directly on the customer’s doorstep. Like in the case of Christian Hollweck, the owner of “Rasselfisch,” a retail shop in Munich specializing in merchandize for babies. “With Bio‑Hybrid, fast and low-cost deliveries within a ten-kilometer radius are easily conceivable. Due to the closed box, even bulky parcels such as child seats or strollers will safely reach the customer,” says the store owner. What’s more, the Bio‑Hybrid as a clean mobility solution perfectly matches our store’s environmental philosophy, he adds. 

The benefits of the Bio‑Hybrid are also evident with less bulky parcels. A case in point is a courier easily maneuvering the pick-up version of the Bio‑Hybrid through the streets of Munich to deliver the salads of a healthy delivery service. The pick-up bed accommodates two thermal boxes without any problem. 

The current trailer on our YouTube-Channel kicks off a storytelling campaign. Designed to run for several months, it provides authentic and honest accounts of the advantages the Bio‑Hybrid offers as a means of hauling people and goods. Various “protagonists” are going to test our vehicle and share their experiences and adventures with you. The various stories will follow at regular intervals over the next few months. So stay tuned!

The trailer you can watch here.