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10/17/2019 — #biohybrid #PartOfTheFamily #teamwork #youngtalents

Gathering practical experience as a work-study student

Gathering practical experience as a work-study student

Vehicle development, digitization, production, strategy – this is just an extract of the areas we’re working on at Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH before launching regular production. Our work-study students actively support us in these projects, contribute their perspectives to our team and are able to gather important professional experience even before earning their degrees. 

We asked our current work-study students (from left), Alexander Nowack, Johannes Sutter and Philipp Kernstock, how they joined us, what their tasks are in our organization and what personally drives them.  

Current work-study students (from left), Alexander Nowack, Johannes Sutter and Philipp Kernstock

Alexander Nowack, 24 years old
Student of engineering management (M.Sc.) majoring in mechanical engineering
at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

“I joined Bio‑Hybrid via an internship in the Innovation Department at Schaeffler. When I was subsequently looking for a job as a work-study student, Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH, which had meanwhile been spun off, was a great option for me. Being involved in an all-new mobility concept was more than exciting for me. For the past seven months, I’ve been supporting the team in business development. I analyze the product inquiries we’re constantly receiving from all over the world, among other things. We can derive a lot of findings from them, which are then fed back into our product and our strategy. After submitting my master’s thesis, I’m initially going to travel for two months. I can definitely imagine Bio‑Hybrid as a future employer. For me, the close collaboration with other departments such as Development, Marketing and Production is particularly valuable.” 

Johannes Sutter, 26 years old
Student of mechanical engineering (M.Eng.)
at TH Nuremberg

 “Bio‑Hybrid caught my attention while I was doing some personal research in the field of urban mobility. My first impressions of the company – a family-like atmosphere, strong team spirit and high professional expertise of the team members – have been more than validated during my stint as a work-study student. The main areas of my bachelor’s program in development & engineering design go hand in hand with my master’s program in production engineering. Due to this theoretical knowledge, plus my practical experience as a skilled worker in the field of precision equipment assembly, I’m able to best support the team in manufacturing and logistics. For me, the fact that the Bio‑Hybrid is an all-new kind of product that requires open-minded thinking in many directions is especially exciting. Initially, I focused on the interactions between engineering design, assembly and logistics, where I was able to contribute my ideas and suggestions. This has resulted in a topic for a master’s thesis at Bio‑Hybrid that will deal with the simulation of intralogistics from the receiving department through to the finished product.” 

Philipp Kernstock, 23 years old
Student of information management (M.Sc.)
at TU Munich

“I’ve been a work-study student with Bio‑Hybrid in the field of digitization for the past five months. I was assigned a lot of exciting tasks right from the beginning. At the moment, I’m supporting the team mainly in software development and testing, from the back-end architecture via the front-end in the vehicle through to the Bio‑Hybrid app. In the team, I can contribute my knowledge from my degree program with practical reference, but I’m also able to learn a lot from the experienced team members. The flexibility with which I can schedule my work is really cool, too. I spend 15 hours per week with Bio‑Hybrid but am able to individually coordinate my actual working hours with my supervisor – in line with project requirements as well as with my current schedule of lectures and exams.” 

We’re always looking for young talents. If a job as work-study student at Schaeffler Bio‑Hybrid GmbH appeals to you, too, we’d like to hear from you. Just send us an unsolicited application using our application form