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Greentech Festival


arr_right “Let’s celebrate change together”: Bio‑Hybrid part of the Greentech Festival

For three days, the Greentech Festival in Berlin will focus on sustainable technologies and green lifestyles. We will be there with the Bio‑Hybrid.

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Mobile at any age


arr_right Bio‑Hybrid for every generation: Those who are mobile stay active

The 65+ generation is in the middle of life and is more active than ever before. A bicycle with an integrated electric motor (pedelec) has many advantages for senior citizens.

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Environmentally friendly deliveries


arr_right Clean and space-saving: Positive score for Bio‑Hybrid as a sustainable supply alternative

Electrically assisted cargo bikes, such as the Bio‑Hybrid, are a sensible alternative for many companies in the delivery services sector.

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Testing Nuremberg


arr_right Putting in the kilometers for a perfect product

We are still on the road with the Bio‑Hybrid. Developers, engineers, and test drivers are optimizing our prototypes step by step in the direction of series production.

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Urban mobility


arr_right The e-bike could become a symbol of a mobility transformation

In 2019, the market share of e-bikes in the total bicyle market in Germany grew to 31.5 percent – and counting. A rapid development.

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Reform of the road traffic regulations in Germany


arr_right Reform of the road traffic regulations brings important innovations for cargo bikes

Despite the sharp increase in the number of load wheels, the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) has so far contributed little to the boom. However, this is now to change.

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Green Concept Award


arr_right Bio‑Hybrid wins Green Concept Award

Another accolade for our development and design team: The Bio‑Hybrid is a winner in the 2020 Green Product Award competition! “Cargo” and “Passenger”  — two pieces of the puzzle in making our planet a little greener.

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City logistics


arr_right City logistics need new forms of mobility

The number of parcel deliveries in Germany will increase by about 5 percent per year, according to forecasts. Modern city logistics require smaller and more eco-friendly transportation solutions. Additional interesting facts about the topic.

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German Design Award 2020


arr_right We’ve won the German Design Award

This is an award we’re particularly pleased about: For our brand identity design, we’ve won the German Design Award 2020 in the “Excellent Communications Design / Brand Identity“ category. 

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imm – Let's be smart


arr_right “Smart Living” with the Bio‑Hybrid

With the Passenger version of the Bio‑Hybrid we were part of the “Let’s be smart – Smart Village” at imm Cologne. The special exhibition was focused on “smart living” concepts.

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Video campaign „We move ...


arr_right A 90-second sensation of Bio‑Hybrid moments

With our new video campaign we want to show how much fun it is to move the Bio‑Hybrid through the city. The 90-second trailer for the campaign covers our drive tests in recent months. 

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Wunder Mobility Summit


arr_right Exciting insights into the “Wunder Mobility Summit”

As a partner of the Wunder Mobility Summit, we brought two Bio‑Hybrid prototypes with us, which we made available for test drives.

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Prototype trials


arr_right Prototype trials on campus area in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

Prototypes of our Bio‑Hybrid were fielded on a campus in the Nuremberg metropolitan region for application trials. 

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Work-study Students


arr_right Gathering practical experience as a work-study student

Gathering professional experience even before earning a degree: our three work-study students share their excitement about their jobs in this Blog.

#biohybrid #PartOfTheFamily #teamwork #youngtalents

Test drive


arr_right Bio‑Hybrid test drive

That was great fun. All Bio‑Hybrid team members recently had ample opportunity to test the trial vehicles during a test driving event.

#biohybrid #testdrive #passenger #cargo

Best of mobility-Award


arr_right Our Bio‑Hybrid wins “Best of mobility” award

Fantastic! Our Bio‑Hybrid has won the “Best of mobility” award. Thanks a million to the readers of “VISION mobility” for your votes.

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Infographic Parking


arr_right Easy parking with the Bio‑Hybrid

Sometimes finding a place to park one’s car in the city is virtually impossible. The Bio‑Hybrid makes parking a lot easier.

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Germany’s Cycle Logistics Association


arr_right We support RLVD, Germany’s Cycle Logistics Association

We’re pleased to have recently joined the German Cycle Logistics Association (RLVD). The RLVD strives to achieve an improvement of the conditions for commercial bicycle transportation, among other things.

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Red Dot Award 2019


arr_right Bio‑Hybrid wins Red Dot Award

Big praise to our design team because we’ve reaped the next prize: the Red Dot Design Concept Award.

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ADAC Mobility BarCamp


arr_right ADAC Mobility BarCamp in Nuremberg: a fabulous event  

"We returned from the ADAC Mobility BarCamp with exciting impressions galore. A whole day centered on mobility for tomorrow.“

#nuedigital #biohybrid #ambc

Winner of Nominee Award in the 27th Corporate Design Prize!


arr_right Winner of Nominee Award in the 27th Corporate Design Prize!

A great form of recognition for our work: In the prestigious Corporate Design Prize competition of Awards Unlimited, we were selected as a Nominee Award winner.

#biohybrid #corporatedesignpreis #awards

Exciting exhibition for innovative bike infrastructure in Amsterdam


arr_right Exciting exhibition for innovative bike infrastructure in Amsterdam

It’s exciting to see what the Dutch BYCS team got started: an exhibition of special, design-oriented bicycle infrastructure.

#biohybrid #MobilityForTomorrow #bicyclearchitecturebiennale

Lifestyle bloggers go for Bio‑Hybrid


arr_right Lifestyle bloggers go for Bio‑Hybrid

The two lifestyle bloggers Franzi and Steffi from Kiss & Tell wanted to know a lot about the Bio‑Hybrid and its advantages.


#biohybrid #kissandtellleipzig

Bio‑Hybrid at Formula E in Berlin


arr_right Bio‑Hybrid at Formula E in Berlin

A prominent appearance for our Bio‑Hybrid in the capital city: We’ve summarized our impressions for you in a short clip!

#biohybrid #MobilityForTomorrow

ADAC Mobility BarCamp Invitation


arr_right ADAC Mobility BarCamp in Nuremberg: discussions on a level playing field

As part of the Nuremberg Digital Festival ADAC will organize a Mobility BarCamp (AMBC) on Tuesday, July 16, from 9 am to 6 pm and we’ll be there as a partner of the event.

#biohybrid #ambc #nuedigital

Climate friend


arr_right That’s how clean and space-saving the Bio‑Hybrid is

To the left, less environmentally friendly; on the right, completely emission-free. This very interesting illustration shows the Bio‑Hybrid as a true climate friend.




arr_right “tomorrow” delves into the Bio‑Hybrid sphere

Schaeffler’s multiple-award-winning technology magazine “tomorrow” dedicated a nice and informative article to our Bio‑Hybrid.

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arr_right We’re nominated: vote for us!

Encouraging confirmation: our Cargo has been nominated for the “Best of mobility” readers’ and experts’ voting of Huss-Verlag, so click on the website and vote for us.

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arr_right Bio‑Hybrid family has new members

Strengthening of our team. We welcome three new faces – Sandrine Clavreul, Philipp Fischer and Julia Beuth – to our ranks

#PartOfTheFamily #biohybrid

ams congress


arr_right Bio‑Hybrid at 2019 ams congress: we’ve come full circle

Following three years of hard pioneering, development, and engineering work, we now took part again in the ams congress in Stuttgart.

#amscongress #biohybrid

GDA 2019


arr_right Another award for the Bio‑Hybrid

The video “Trailblazers” about the Bio‑Hybrid has now come out on top in the “Excellent Communications Design Audiovisual” category of the German Design Award competition

#biohybrid #germandesignaward2019

Fantastic feedback


arr_right Fantastic feedback: our impressions from CES in Las Vegas

What a debut for our young start-up! We returned from #CES2019 in Las Vegas with an outstanding overall impression.

#CES2019 #biohybrid

World premiere


arr_right New solutions for urban mobility

A world premiere! At #CES2019 from January 8 to 11, 2019, we’ll unveil our near-production Bio‑Hybrid.

#CES2019 #biohybrid