06/20/2019 — #biohybrid #MobilityForTomorrow #bicyclearchitecturebiennale

Exciting exhibition for innovative bike infrastructure in Amsterdam

When it comes to bicycle lifestyle, we can learn a lot from the Netherlands where bikes have been part of the national heritage for a long time. So it’s only logical that our neighbors organize a lot of exciting events focused on biking. Since Monday, the second edition of the highly interesting Bicycle Architecture Biennale (BAB) has been held in Amsterdam – an exhibition exclusively centered on innovative infrastructure for bicycles and the necessary specialized architecture. Showcased at the exhibition are solutions that go beyond merely functional bicycle paths, featuring projects that have already been made reality or ideas – always from the perspective of people with an affinity for design. It’s important to the BAB organizers to have concepts presented that promote a sense of community, enhanced environmental awareness and sustainable ways of doing business. These are thrilling topics, obviously for our Bio‑Hybrid team, too.

Be it the world’s largest bike parking garage in Utrecht, a bicycle path traversing a lake in Limburg, an eight-kilometer Bicycle Skyway in China, the spiral-shaped Oil Harbor Bridge in Raunheim, Germany, or the planned spectacular RheinRing that is intended to connect Cologne’s old town with the other side of the Rhine river – all of these are exceptional projects or visions that will benefit the Bio‑Hybrid community as well. 15 projects from nine different countries in total are presented at BAB. 

BYCS, an Amsterdam-based social enterprise committed to accelerating progress in bicycle transportation on an international scale, incepted the exhibition. BAB is curated by the architects from “Next” in Amsterdam. The event will run until Friday, so hurry up and visit if you’re interested and have the time. Otherwise we suggest you take a look at the pictures on the BYCS homepage.