10/08/2019 — #biohybrid #testdrive #passenger #cargo

Bio‑Hybrid test drive

Driving the Bio‑Hybrid is huge fun as every member of our team can tell you. In the summer, the whole team was invited to Nuremberg for an all-day employee test drive.  

In addition to covering strategic topics, the event was mainly focused on having fun. The trial vehicles that every team member had the chance to extensively test were the highlight. For our engineers of course, this was nothing new because they’ve been putting the Bio‑Hybrid through its paces for months. For most of the members, though, this was a premiere, not least because our team has grown immensely in recent months. The test involved some serious pedaling – of course with electrical assistance. Following a comparative test drive of both “generations” of the Bio‑Hybrid, every team member was asked to provide feedback: on ride quality and “feel,” the operating concept, materials, the color scheme, and more. 

In the next stage, the prototypes will be made available to selected partners and companies for test driving and application trials.