04/26/2019 — #biohybrid #tomorrowdigital

“tomorrow” delves into the Bio‑Hybrid sphere

“About a car that isn’t a car.” This headline in the new issue of “tomorrow,” Schaeffler’s multiple-award-winning magazine, pretty much hits the nail on the head. With our Bio‑Hybrid, we intend to combine the best of two worlds – a vehicle between a bicycle and a small electric car – that will revolutionize urban mobility in the near future.

Many thanks from us to the editorial team of “tomorrow” for this nice article, which provides a really good description of how big the challenge of building a new company and getting an all-new vehicle concept off the ground at the same time really is. Roland Löwisch, a renowned journalist who visited us in Nuremberg for the research on this article, did a good job of capturing the development of our startup. Here you’ll find the digital version of the “tomorrow” article. Take a look. It’s a good read.


Bio‑Hybrid Tomorrow